The Lodge

What better place to show off #sweatstyle than on the lake in Northern Ontario? Stefania from Textstyles shows us how she loves to wear her Salt and Pepper.

What did you last style your sweats for?

For the cottage. I’d say I’m a purist when it comes to my sweats and they always feel the best wrapped up with buffalo check, mens utility socks and a marshmallow roasting over the fire.

What’s one piece that can always make an outfit better?

One piece that can always make an outfit better is a great pair of heels.

Your #1 fashion rule?

Natural fibres always feel best against your skin, and I guess what propels me forward is the pursuit of dressing so that the clothes make you the best version of yourself.

DIY #sweatstyle - any recommendations?

I love the idea of the Roots sweat tops peaking out from a denim or leather jacket, so cut the sleeves off! While you’re at it cut the bottom 4 inches for the cropped sweat top look that is super trending right now. You’ll be left with the perfect layering piece.

Your #1 #sweatstyle rule?

Wrap it up! Nothing beats throwing on that Roots sweat top to keep warm in the cool evenings sitting beside the campfire. That’s really the love behind the brand is that it’s steeped in nostalgia for Canadians. I mean everyone remembers their first Roots sweat top. Everyone still has their old Roots sweat tops. There’s just something so comforting and cozy about putting them on, like being up north wouldn’t even be the same without them.

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